Private: Traffic

We concern ourselves with all problems and interests regarding cars and road traffic.

Of course, this covers first and foremost the claims following a traffic accident against the person who caused the accident. Both in terms of the material damage and the reduction in value, but especially with regard to the compensation for loss of use, the costs of the expert and the costs for the rental car, there are bound to be problems as part of the settlement by the insurance company of the other party. In such a case, we have to make sure that we enforce the valid claims.

Also in regards to the settlement of claims in relation to your own all-risks insurance or partial coverage insurance, we will gladly assist you and resolve any disputes and issues which might arise.

After taking recourse to the own all-risks insurance, it is often still possible to claim from the insurance company of the other party the remaining items of loss, e.g. the deductible, the costs of the expert, the expenses flat-rate and the reduction in value.

Another main point in connection with traffic law is the representation in penalty proceedings and traffic violation proceedings. Whether it is in relation to a traffic accident or not, e.g. a traffic violation, non-compliance with license suspension, non-observance of the minimum distance, driving under the influence or hit and run, we will represent your interests in the respective proceedings.

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Alexander Hess
Thomas Oedekoven