“If you don’t prevent injustice, you order it.”

The liability risk to which every company and every manager is exposed to today can hardly be described, any better, than the 2,000-year-old words of the Roman emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius:

The entrepreneur who does not take precautions to prevent corruption, who knows nothing about price rigging in purchases, or who relies solely on his logistics when declaring goods for export does not comply with the applicable rules and, to use the words of Marcus Aurelius, ‘orders injustice’ and, therefore, is not compliant.

The list of examples could be supplemented at will. What all these cases have in common is that investigating authorities will show up in the offices ever more frequently and unexpectedly and will hold the manager personally responsible.

Our objective is to prevent this when we, together with you, create a small number of necessary structures that allow you and your staff to comply at all times with all norms that are relevant to you and your company. In this regard, Compliance can be efficiently grafted onto existing processes within your company. This limits the cost and, consequently, the introduction of Compliance is also recommended without restriction for small companies. At the same time, Compliance also ensures that, in addition to the laws, internal company rules and instructions are equally adhered to. In this respect, Compliance not only serves to raise awareness and to avoid liability, but it also supports an aspired corporate culture.

Recently, the well known institute of German Economy has created the so called IDW PS 980, a standard for compliance systems all major companies need to achieve. At DHK we guarantee that your structures and processes meet the requirements in order to obtain the certificate for the IDW PS 980. As many others you may use such certificate in order to demonstrate your commitment towards legal compliance as well as towards a strong corporate culture. Your business partners will honor it.

DHK is your strong partner when it comes to preparing your company for Compliance. In this regard, a big advantage for you is that our partners can draw on many years of practical experience as managers in various lines of business. Therefore, don’t bank on theory – we speak your language!

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Dr. Eric Heitzer