IT & Data Protection

In a very short time, internet and e-commerce business strategies have evolved to a core part of every company’s strategy. Our attorneys have been there from the beginning and continue to stay up to date with new developments, working with clients as the technology and law develops to help advance clients’ business objectives.

We know and love technology. We commit to offering practical and timely advice, and we staff work efficiently, matching the right level of attorney experience to the needs of the project. We assist various internet and e-commerce companies, e.g. companies that solely provide services on the internet to those companies for which the internet and e-commerce are just one part of their operations.

We work with our clients on a full range of issues that face companies operating on a global network, including website and online services development and review, hosted services, digital media and multimedia offerings, content licensing, software licensing, privacy and security, trademarks and domain names. If it comes to telecommunications and infrastructure our services are based on in depth management experience in the industry. It is our belief that you will benefit from such expertise simply because your business goes beyond the legal dimension as does the background of our attorneys and the scope of our services.

Key contact(s)

Dr. Eric Heitzer
Dr. Vera I. Gronen
Alexander Hess