For many years, in this demanding field of law, we have been giving support to private investors regarding issues of capital market law and financial law as well as to companies regarding issues relating to banking supervisory norms.


The Lehman bankruptcy did not mark the first time that investment products of the capital market were put on the stand. Unfortunately, misleading prospectuses and commission-hungry advisors are no exception in this industry. As a victim, you have to be particularly mindful of the practical experience of their lawyers. For the products of the capital market are often so complex that they are hard to understand. However, a thorough understanding of how they work is the prerequisite for an accurate legal assessment and analysis of the chances of success should you consider legal action due to flaws in the sales brochure or bad advice.

Our lawyers have this banking qualification. So don’t hesitate to contact us before making an investment decision. We will examine your products and advise you on any questions regarding your investment portfolio so as to identify risks and avoid damage to your assets and liabilities structure from the outset.

We also offer our services in connection with financing decisions. Here too, experience has taught us that the legal risks are often underestimated. In this regard, the subjects of refinancing, debt conversion or suspension, which are grouped around the loan agreement, are of great legal relevance and often they are also shapeable.

Finally, our experience is also useful for you concerning all issues relating to payment transactions. Today’s key words are ‘phishing’ and card abuse. Here too, it is about protecting your rights.

So be sure to contact us regarding your interests as a private investor or borrower, or in connection with any other banking law-related issues.


Since the introduction of the law on the supervision of payment services (“ZAG”), many companies active in the financial sector have become quite uncertain about the required permits, and especially in connection with a banking business license. Can a license obligation be avoided or should an application for a license be filed, and if so, what are the consequences of that? For those and related issues you can also rely on the experience of our experts.

Another red-hot topic for companies is the introduction of the Single European Payment Area (SEPA). In view of the short implementation time, many companies have already begun implementing processes although the legal position is anything but clear. Here too, we can boast vast experience and we will gladly support you in your decision to go ahead with or to postpone investments.

Last but not least, a few of the subject areas presented here are closely connected with tax law. Should there be a specific need for advice in this regard, we will bring in qualified experts as need be, for some of our partners are also tax consultants.

In short, we are well equipped to address all of your questions and needs regarding banking law!

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Dr. Eric Heitzer