Antitrust & Competition

Today, an acquisition can easily fall within the scope of European or national antitrust rules. Agreements – even if informal and without written documentation might be regarded as anticompetitive. Ggiven the small geographic size of a market defined by competition authorities – even smaller companies might find themselves in a dominant market position triggering the applicability of specific Rules.

Within such a demanding environment, DHK is in a position to provide for all of your antitrust needs, including preventive counseling advice on complex issues, assistance in investigations and representation in litigation. We counsel clients in Germany and throughout Europe who are considering strategic business deals, expansions or operational changes. In civil and criminal investigations and adversary proceedings, DHK represents companies and individuals in matters that span the entire spectrum of antitrust and competition issues. We develop practical and innovative solutions that help you to achieve your business objectives while avoiding costly litigation. We are also regularly called upon to assist clients in resolving ongoing litigation, as well as in developing and administering antitrust compliance programs.

With our counsel, DHK clients are able to anticipate, avoid or defend business practices that may otherwise endure challenges under German or EU antitrust legislation. We are familiar with other sector specific agency rulings, orders and guidelines that need to be considered in evaluating antitrust issues in specific markets.

Today’s complex antitrust laws are far-reaching in scope and vigorously enforced. The current regulatory climate has resulted in heightened scrutiny of proposed mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and other strategic partnerships and collaborations. Companies must also be increasingly vigilant in ensuring compliance with antitrust laws in connection with their day-to-day operations.

At DHK we offer you comprehensive guidance through all antitrust and competition issues.

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