Real Estate & construction

With our specialized team we advise and assist you legally on the subject “real estate”. What it essentially comes down to is public and private construction law, architectural law and tenancy law. Our advice and support starts with the decision to buy a building plot and ends with the key delivery and/or the signature of the lease.

Before deciding to buy a building plot or to build on a parcel of land, a host of legal issues concerning construction planning law and building regulations law need to be cleared up. In short, one has to know what can be built on a parcel of land and to what extent. Our expert knowledge in this area and our many years of experience in negotiating with the competent authorities guarantee that we can achieve very attractive and efficient usability of a parcel of land constructionwise. Already at this stage, the foundations are laid for an optimum return on investment.

Solid and fair agreements form the basis of subsequent and successful collaboration of the various parties involved in the construction as well as of a speedy completion of the construction project. Therefore, principals, investors, general contractors, workmen etc. need not only be connected with each other through the much praised handshake, but also through well thought-out and balanced contracts. In this regard, we advise and assist all parties involved in the construction. Errors in this early phase of a construction project, i.e. in preparing the contractual fundamentals, typically lead to considerable problems later on. So avoiding them is the key to markedly greater efficiency.

If, during the construction phase, problems still arise between the various parties concerned despite good and fair contracts, it is important to adopt the right attitude which, above all, guarantees the highest level of legal certainty. Swift reaction is often required here. Here, too, we are available to offer pragmatic and legally safe solutions, especially when it comes to successfully resolving the situation, if possible, through negotiations. Of course, in this phase also, we prefer to strive for amicable solutions as the best foundation for a continued solid collaboration.

If, after completion of a construction project, there are still differences of opinion, we can draw on our many years of extensive procedural experience. Therefore, in those cases too, we are able to give our clients solid support in their decision about whether or not to take legal action.

Finally, since the construction of real estate, by nature, is not conceivable without subsequent utilization, tenancy law is one of the pillars of giving advice in the area of real estate law. It is precisely with investment properties that a well negotiated lease, particularly one that meets the needs of the contracting partners, also constitutes a prerequisite for the economic functioning of the real estate investment. Conversely, an adequate lease also increases the chances, for the tenant, of an undisturbed and thus efficient use of the property, and, of course, of the calculability of the lease costs due. Here too, thanks to our team of specialists, we have many years of extensive experience in advising and negotiating.

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