Intellectual Property

The strength of just about every company lies in their intellectual property rights and other assets of this sort. Knowhow, skills, customer relations, reputation, brands, registered designs, patents, copyright, exploitation rights, to name just a few, ensure you keep your competitive edge. We help you prepare for the registration and protection procedure concerning your intellectual property rights, handle the actual registration, and also assist your company in implementing adequate monitoring of the protective rights.

DHK has many years of experience in the protection of industrial property rights. The focus of our activity is on trademark law, copyright law and competition law. In addition, we have experience with patent law, utility model law and design patent law. In reference to the protection of industrial property rights, we also have experience in the area of the protection of knowhow and research and development contracts as well as antitrust framework conditions (exempting regulations).

If your company is interested in the valorization of intellectual property rights through licensing or sale, our knowhow is available to you, both domestically and internationally, for properly drafting contracts as well as for handling them.

We represent you and/or your company in the context of disputes regarding the protection of your rights, for example in proceedings due to the possible violation of fair competition rules or disputes regarding patent infringements, before all authorities and courts.

Key contact(s)

Guido Imfeld
Dr. Vera I. Gronen