Tax Law

Nothing is more complex than German tax law. Although this is merely repeating a widely held belief, it is a known fact that tax law is extremely multifaceted and pervasive, which is especially due to, on the one hand, the increasing international interconnectedness of the economy and the taxman and, on the other hand, the continued reform efforts of lawmakers. You are entitled to extensive tax advice from your tax consultant who must not lose sight of what really matters. We advise you about all questions regarding German and international tax law. In doing so, we work on an interdisciplinary basis with our colleagues from our others fields to find targeted solutions to the issues you present to us. Our clients are both domestically and internationally active companies as well as organizations of common public interest, locally operating companies and individuals.

Examples of our activities

  • national and international tax law for companies and groups of affiliated companies
  • structuring of and providing support in the purchase and sale of companies, mergers and acquisitions
  • restructuring and tax law in case of insolvency
  • providing support for company audits, opposition and action procedures
  • tax law for individuals (income tax, estate and inheritance tax)
  • structuring of transfer of capital and succession in companies
  • foundations and the law governing organizations of common public interest
  • VAT and customs law
  • voluntary declaration
  • tax return and declaration advice
  • accounting and annual accounts

In the area of criminal economic and tax law, we act as lawyers before all competent courts in Germany.

Key contact(s)

Carsten Lange
Katharina Müller